Preferred Vendors

Small Business Consulting


Business BEactive, LLC- specializes in human resources, marketing strategies, networking/relationship building, events, documententation, organization, online presence and more! We work with small business owners, whether you are starting a new venture or looking to grow your current business. Business BEactive offers a personal and professional service with fresh ideas and traditional work ethic.

Computer/Technology Repair and Maintenance


239Computers, LLC- Brings a fresh set of ideas and techniques, while still utilizing traditional business practices to the industry. Providing a sense of urgency, professionalism, personality, and patience are just a few characteristics that sets us apart.

Professional, Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Clean Em Out-, Andy Artessa, 239-231-2353

Susie’s Cleaning-, Susan Hickey, 239-776-4807


M3 Upholstery- 239-785-0808/

Private Golf Lessons


Putt Whisperer- “Realizing the PuttLab cannot be taken on the course, the Putt Whisperer designed a putter that develops and strengthens the fundamentals of a putt stroke each time a golfer putts with it. The putter is called the Putt Whisperer and is made entirely in the USA.”

Photography/Video Tours




Harbour Insurance- Frank Scerbo, Jr.

Wealth Management


WFG- Even in this time of unprecedented access to information, there remains a lack of financial knowledge among individuals and families. A WFG associate helps clients understand fundamental financial concepts that give them the foundation to create a sound strategy so they can build a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones.

Lighting & Decor


Giolis- We work with larger homes over 10,000 square feet down to smaller homes of approximately 1,000 square feet and all sizes in between. We have been able to grow our business, because we understand that each and every homeowner is our most important client. Our homeowners have come to learn that our pricing and packages are reasonable and never based on the size of your home or your perceived net worth.

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